This is Yearning, a newsletter reflecting on belonging, culture and connection from writer and thinker Eden Szymura.

I love culture, in the widest sense of the word: how we use it to connect and ground ourselves, construct an identity, and both celebrate and condemn our experience. And so, this newsletter will be a coming together of personal reflection and cultural exploration, as I muse on how and what we yearn for (spoiler: it’s always belonging), and how we build meaning. Following my interests, this work will be examined through the lenses of gender, vulnerability and mindfulness.

In its truest form, I am hungry to share my thoughts and ideas, to reassure people they are less alone than they feel, and more seen than they know.

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about eden

Eden Szymura is a writer whose work explores homecoming, culture and connection. She is the co-founder of MEDUSA, a feminist arts organisation that catalyses conversations on these topics, and she also looks after marketing at two emerging art galleries. She lives in London and regularly has existential crises about the cost of living in this wonderful city.

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Reflections on belonging, culture and connection.


Eden Szymura

Writer and thinker exploring homecoming, culture and connection.